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Vega4 – So Long Forever

Und schon wieder ein neuer Split! Nach dem endgültigen Aus von Cosmic Casino in der vergangenen Woche melden heute Vega4, dass sie in Zukunft getrennte Wege gehen werden. Nach nur zwei Alben („Satellites“ im Jahr 2002 und „You and Others“ im vergangenen Jahr) werden sich die Bandmitglieder neuen Projekten widmen. Hier die Abschiedsmeldung:

„Dear World
So, this is it. It is with sadness that we announce that Vega4 has drawn her last breath. We would like to thank those of you who supported, loved, helped and kept us alive when no one else cared. To those who gave us oxygen while we were suffocating, those who truly believed and had thecourage of their convictions and ours – we won’t forget you. In the music we made you stay with us, and us with you. This can always be. (A leopard does not change her spots). Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only alters its form. Music has always been and always will be. Vega4 will go on in the hearts and minds of those who loved them and those who were them. Each of us in our way continues, and while Vega4 is finished, her sons are setting sail for new horizons. Take great hope in this. From somewhere out there. It was all worthwhile…“

Life is beautiful – We live until we die

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